LAUDA offers a wide range of easy-to-use bath circulators for both internal and external temperature control depending upon the needs of the application. The model required will depend upon application considerations such as working temperature range and stability, internal or external requirement, bath volume and opening, temperature profiling needs and connectivity.

Internal applications use the heat transfer fluid within the LAUDA bath itself to achieve the desired temperature by submerging the test product within the bath, whilst external applications maintain the required temperature control by circulating the heat transfer fluid through the desired external location.

LAUDA bath circulators also provide the flexibility required for those requiring both internal and external control in one device (dependent upon model) whilst providing precise temperature control via the highly capable heating power range up to 3.6 kW and cooling power range up to 6 kW (at 20 °C).

Key features and benefits (dependent upon model) include multi-step pumps for application flow optimisation, SmartCool system to boost energy-saving, integrated programmer for temperature profiling minimising operator interaction, remote control for operator ease, and a diverse set of connectivity options including USB, Ethernet, EtherCat, Profibus and RS232/485.

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