Exactmer, incorporated in 2018, is a spin-out-company from Imperial College London. Their mission is to redefine what is possible in exact polymer synthesis and set a new industry standard for the manufacturing of polymenrs bound for use in new medicines.

❄ Their Challenge

To cool their process to near sub-zero degree Celsius for effective reactions.

❄ Our Solution

The LAUDA ECO RE 1050G with a temperature range of -50 to 200 °C, with in-built safety features such various alarms and trips, all easily accessible on the display screen.

❄ Why LAUDA?

With the ECO RE 1050 G easily integrated into their system and interfaced into their in-house control, LAUDA Technology provided the users with extra confidence in their work. @Exactmer explained they chose LAUDA for our ‘excellent customer service and maintenance support’.

Our technical knowledge and commitment to providing the best temperature control solution were the driving forces behind their satisfaction.

Thank you for your trust and the great cooperation in finding a suitable LAUDA product for YOUR solution!