The LAUDA Proline Kryomat units cover a temperature range of -90 °C to 200 °C, with a 3.5 kW heater and upto 6 kW of cooling power.

At RAL (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory) Space, the LAUDA Proline Kryomat units are used to provide heating and cooling to spacecraft sub-systems during a testing phase, or to heat and cool an entire satellite.

This is done by passing the flow and return lines into a vacuum chamber through a vacuum feedthrough and connect to thermal interfaces inside. This could be either a physical contact onto a thermally conductive plate or using radiation from a radiator which would be painted black to improve its emissivity.

They implement the closed loop PRT control to do this, so the set point is applied directly to the test item, which also allows the system to react to environmental or thermal changes automatically.

RAL Space have also invested in its own control driver, so they can control, view and log all of the commonly used parameters easily, as well as remote control from anywhere with an internet connection. This level of control is also now possible with the new LAUDA web server.