Contact Angle Instruments for the measurement of surface properties

Ultimately aimed at the determination of wettability, work of adhesion, printing and absorption, surface and interfacial tension, and dynamic surface tension, the modular LAUDA Scientific Surface Analyser range (LSA) covers a wide range of applications, from quality assurance to research and development.

A number of innovative features such as unique drop shape adjustments, telecentric lenses, high-speed video recording and flexible software culminate in an advanced contact angle measuring instrument with an impressive range of functions, ensuring extremely precise results. The accuracy of the contact angle and surface tension measurement are dependent upon the optical system and to a large extent the capability of the software algorithms operating on the captured imagery.

Additionally, flexibility is provided by multiple data export methods, a focus assistant, evaluation modules for surface energy, control options for sample axes and rotating tables, and a variety of dosing systems to support your specific application.

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